OK. Maybe 2023 will be the year I get caught up enough to actually post regularly.....

Posted by Lee Zimmerley on

Hi everyone!  Well, The site will be on pause one more time, from Dec. 1-3 while I'm at the Landmark Center in St. Paul participating in the 44th Annual Holiday Festival.  This has been a year of fits and starts, and just as I thought I was catching up with making 'enough', I was finally hit with Covid a few weeks ago!  Two and a half years I went, without it!  And I'm double boosted!  Thankfully, it was a very mild three days of cold-like symptoms, but still, I wasn't quite on my game and my firing schedules shifted.  After two kiln loads this past week I can say that I have a lot of pots, finally, so if you can make it to St. Paul on such short notice, awesome! Otherwise, more pieces will be on the website this week, so I hope that you take a look!


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